About Us

The Good Food Company (TGFC) is a solutions provider in the Food, Hotels & Hospitality sector.
The company is based in Lagos, Nigeria, a city with a population estimated at easily 25 million people.
The impact of this population growth is that the food, hotels and hospitality sector keeps growing.
The effective development of this sector requires services that will bridge gaps and enable the sector to provide value to customers continuously.


Hospitality Premises Development

We help you to develop food, hotel & hospitality premises from small add-ons within existing operations to full blown retail premises creation such as food courts, restaurants, malls and hotels.

With our team consisting of an experienced building contractor, an architect & interior decorator, an experienced chef and a project manager, we are able to come up with design solutions, construction and interior decoration solutions.

Hospitality Consulting

It isn’t enough to just have physical premises, it is even more important to be able to set up and run the business within the premises for profit. We help to achieve this very important goal with the following services:

  1. Brand development
  2. Food service solutions including menu development
  3. Staffing solutions
  4. Operations design
  5. Procurement process design
  6. Marketing solutions

Training Courses:

1. Customer Service

Customer service is in three steps

  1. Welcoming the customer
  2. Giving the customer what they want
  3. Saying goodbye

Carrying out these three steps effectively not only creates a memorable experience for the customer but drives customer retention and loyalty.

Our Training Courses cover the following aspects of customer service and are based on the practices of great service organisations such as the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and Disney.

  1. The Basics of Wow – The Guest Knows Best
  2. Meeting Guest Expectations through Planning
  3. Setting the Scene for the Guest Experience
  4. Developing the Hospitality Culture – Everyone Serves
  5. Staffing for Service
  6. Training and Developing Employees to Serve
  7. Serving with a Smile – Motivating Exceptional Service
  8. Involving the Guest – The Co-Creation of Value
  9. Communicating for Service
  10. Planning the Service Delivery System
  11. Waiting for Service
  12. Measuring and Managing Service Delivery
  13. Fixing Service Failures
  14. Service Excellence – Leading the Way to Wow

2. Waiter Training

The objective of this course is to help achieve a practical level of service standards in restaurants by training and educating frontline waitering staff in both theoretical and outcomes-based practical approaches as to enhance customer experience, increase productivity, effectiveness, reduce management stress and increase sales and profits. 

Course Goals

  • Understand the concept of what a restaurant is and how it functions
  • Understand the concept of what a waiter is and how he/she fits into the restaurant
  • Understand guest expectations, wants and needs
  • Understand effect of culture at the workplace i.e. guests, colleagues, cultural awareness
  • Execute various practical tasks i.e. carrying plates, trays, clearing, taking orders etc
  • Problem solving, stress management and being pro-active
  • Basic food & beverage [F&B] knowledge
  • Health & safety [H&S] awareness i.e. allergies, risks, hazards, etc
  • Grooming standards i.e. hygiene, presentability, etc

Course Outcomes

  • Smoother and better functioning restaurant 
  • Enhanced and more effective relationship between restaurant departments 
  • Increased productivity, sales and profit for both individual and business 
  • Less mistakes, stress related situations and guest complaints 
  • Happier guests, return business and word-of-mouth marketing 

Who’s Behind TGFC?

With a first degree in Civil Engineering and an appreciation for great design, Olaoluwa Jeje, earned the nickname “ambassador of luxury” from friends due to his penchant for playing host back in the day. He further expressed his personal love for hospitality by creating a supper club where he acted as “front of house” along with a great chef who created comfort and gourmet food for guests. The supper club was active until 120 platings in the form of four courses for 30 guests were produced in one evening at which point it was realised that growth had to come in new forms.
Olaoluwa has now brought his love for hospitality into the business world along with his love for great food served in great ambiences, to help you curate and create unforgettable experiences for your own guests. And yes, he can still be found creating food experiences with friends…
Olaoluwa is also a project manager with varied experience in formal sectors including software development and the public sector.

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Email us for more information and to discuss your service needs:

You can also telephone Olaoluwa: +234 802 223 5455