Brand Development

Working with brands from conception through to establishment, we offer a full range of strategic services required to take a brand to the next level including the following:

  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Experience
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Visual Identity
  • Naming Strategy

Public Relations

This is the practice of managing the dissemination of information between an individual or organisation and the public. Certain people and most organisations need to take charge of how information about them is received by the public. We are able to assist via the following ways.

  • Financial public relations
  • Consumer/lifestyle public relations
  • Crisis communication
  • Internal communications
  • Government relations
  • Media relations
  • Celebrity public relations
  • Food-centric relations

Some of the activities that we carry out to be effective within the above types of PR include:

  • Publicity events
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Press releases
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Social media
  • Press kits
  • Outbound communication to members of the press
  • Video and audio news releases.

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

What is an organisation trying to tell its customers? What is the customer trying to tell organisations? The marriage of both questions creates customer centric organisations and helps to achieve the fulfilment of the needs and wants of both the organisation and the customers. IMC is the creation of iterative feedback loops that move information that is relevant from customer to organisation and back until a consistent message that serves the purposes of both is established. This might be from an entire organisation’s view or from a product / service view. This has been brought about by the following developments:

  • Traditional marketing to digital marketing
  • Mass media to specialised media
  • Low accountability in market spending to high accountability in market spending
  • Limited marketing connectivity to pervasive marketing connectivity
  • Mass advertising to niche marketing

We assist organisations in developing cost effective marketing channels to both deliver value to the customer and also improve the bottom line.