The Upper Deck was started as an online magazine to showcase luxury and lifestyle articles curated from around the globe. These articles also included the experiences of the founder, Babatunde Olaoluwa Jeje. A natural aesthete, Babatunde has always been interested in making people happy and filling each moment with the best experiences. A self taught branding practitioner with an eye on what works when building a brand, Babatunde understands the value of communicating effectively with the audience with which brands interface in the real world and digitally. These abilities and interests have resulted in the metamorphosis of The Upper Deck from an online magazine into a full service branding, PR and communications agency.

At The Upper Deck, we recognise that branding is what sets apart the great from the merely good and allows a higher premium to be requested for what is perceived as great. Our true task is to help our clients become great at what they do, be it as individuals, as products or as organisations and to communicate this to their respective audiences.

As well as founding this platform with responsibility for its growth, Babatunde writes about Luxury and Lifestyle in This Day Style and Mode Men magazines.