The third in the series of foodversations with the Blowfish Group based in Victoria Island in Lagos (Nigeria), and this time it is the turn of the Asian (Indian and Thai) property – Purple by Blowfish. Once again, Folake Ekundayo gathered a smaller but nonetheless interesting group. On this evening there was a live band playing jazz and oldies by the poolside where we sat which helped to create a lovely ambience.

As is the case with the other restaurants in the group, Purple has an extensive menu, and random dishes were chosen and brought out for tasting. Find my comments below in bold:



Masala Papadan (Popadoms) – Crispy Indian pancake with a topping of chopped onions and tomatoes fried or roasted.

Simple enough with nice surprises in the spices – chilli and coriander show up. Paired with a mint and yoghurt dipping sauce (which also featured with several other dishes).


Som Tom Veg – Thai Papaya Salad. Shredded green papaya combined with tomatoes and drizzled with our chef sweet & sour dressing.

This was characterless and neither here nor there. The manner in which groundnuts (peanuts) were crumbled over it didn’t add to it either as it felt like an afterthought.


Tom Yam Koong Soup with Mixed Sea Food – Famous traditional Thai soup with lemongrass

This was an attempt rather than anything near the actual. Watery, very little lemongrass flavour, way too large chunks of ginger and overall not interesting.


Chicken Satay – Thin pieces of chicken marinated in coconut milk and barbecued to perfection served with peanut sauce. (Thai)

The chicken was bland and the satay sauce didn’t taste of peanuts.


Tandoori Fish Tikka- Fish fillet marinated in mixed tandoori spices and masala sauce. (Indian)

Nice tasting even with the mint and yoghurt sauce. Poor presentation on a bed of cabbage and onions.


Mutton Seekh Kebab- Minced lamb infused with fresh herbs with variety of aromatic spices baked on skewers until tender and juicy. (Indian)

Lamb was bland. Poor presentation issues as well.



Naan Bread – Natural flavoured bread freshly baked brushed with butter/cheese/garlic and the plain version too. (Indian)

The flavourings were not strong enough on the flavoured naan though the naan went well with the curries below.


Mutton Rogan Josh – Tender baby lamb curry delicacy of Kashmir. (Indian)

This was nice and tasty.

3. Murg Makhan Wala – Butter Chicken. Boneless pieces of chicken cooked in butter, coriander, tomatoes and ginger. (Indian)

Also tasty though the lamb curry is better flavour wise.


Khab Ob Supparod Koong – Pineapple backed fried rice served in pineapple shell with cashew nuts. (Thai)

Tasted some pineapple and peanuts but not much else.


Pad Meeh Lueng Chicken – Stir fried egg noodles with spring onions & soya sauce. (Thai)

Characterless and the flavouring didn’t come through.


Kaeng Phed Koong Prawns – Thai Red Curry. A marvellous coconut milk fiery curry with prawns cooked till tender and succulent.

The star of the evening. This was rather enjoyable. Prawns were large and not overcooked and the aubergine pieces melted in he mouth.


I didn’t do dessert which was Kulfi – Traditional homemade ice cream and Chocolate Fondant – Warm rich chocolate molten cake served with vanilla ice cream.


The tipples for the evening…

General Critique

Purple by Blowfish feels a bit like the step child in the Blowfish Group. The kitchen certainly needs to be overhauled where the recipes are concerned. Apart from one or two dishes, most didn’t come across as an authentic celebration of cuisine but rather like an attempt to sell ‘food’. I would strongly recommend a return to authentic Thai and Indian recipes. A revisit of the entire menu is well in order. It must be said that eating by the poolside with music is more interesting than sitting in the actual restaurant which is subject to constant human traffic.